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a love story… (ten)

    “Seriously, what are we doing?”

    It was the third time Isabelle asked me that.

    “I’m going to watch this guy kill that woman and then I’m going to kill both of them.”

    Isabelle let out a forced laugh as if she were laughing at a very bad joke.  I only wished it was a joke.

    “I’m serious.  Stay close.”

    The woman finally sealed her fate when she turned right… down the alley, behind all the stores that the Chinese owned.  Everyone in town called it China Plaza because it had a Chinese restaurant, a nail salon, a cigarette shop, and a pet store.  All run by the same Chinese family. 

    Out of breath the woman stopped and dropped her purse.

    “Take it!” she screamed.

    The undead walked up to her and grabbed her throat.

    “Do something!” Isabelle yelled at me.

    “I can’t,” I said, “it’s what happens.”

    “Fuck you then,” she said and started to walk away.

    I grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

    “That person isn’t a person.  He’s a creature.  And if you go close enough, he’s going to bite you and change you into the undead.  Yes, that’s right.  The undead.  It’s real.  Don’t ask me how or why because I don’t know.  What I do know is that my job is to fucking kill those creatures.”

    “But the woman….”

    Isabelle cared so much about the stranger.  It was odd coming from a girl who had just shoplifted. 

    “Can’t you do anything?” she asked.

    Could I?  Sure.  What could I do?  I don’t know… I never thought that way.  I figured let him change her and then kill them both.  Why not?  I’d done it before. 

    “She can’t know this stuff,” I said.  I felt like I was whining… fuck it, I probably was.  “You shouldn’t even know this stuff…”

    Isabelle watched as the undead tightened its grip on the woman’s neck.  She thrashed and screamed.  She pointed to us.  The undead looked at me, then Isabelle.  Then the fucking thing smiled and let the woman go.  The creature pointed at Isabelle and licked its lips.  I put my arm out and pushed her behind me.  She pinched my ass. 

    The undead grunted.  I knew it was bracing for an attack.

    The woman stood against the brick wall and watched in what could only be shock.  The undead started to charge towards me.  I knew it wanted Isabelle.  I instinctively looked down hoping for my guitar case, but fuck, it wasn’t there.  It was back in the garage.  That was the one and only time I forgot my guitar case. 

    “Give me the CD,” I said to Isabelle.

    “The what?”

    “The fucking CD.  The one you stole.  Get me the fucking CD or we’re dead.”

    The undead moved towards me.  I could hear Isabelle wrestling with the plastic on the CD.

    “Hurry up,” I said.

    “Shut the fuck up, I’m trying,” Isabelle yelled.

    The undead was too close for comfort.  I did the only thing I could think of… the cheapest move possible… I kicked the thing in its nuts.  I swore against that move my entire life, but I wasn’t going to die on account of my own personal beliefs… fuck that.  The undead stopped and looked down for a second.  I don’t think it felt any pain – maybe it was confused.  Whatever it was, it was the one second I needed.  Isabelle handed me the CD and I cracked it in half.  I heard her gasp – I know, another ruined Type O Negative CD.  I jammed the broken CD into the undead’s throat.  I wasted no time and took the second half and stabbed it in another part of its throat.  The creature started to thrash and back up.  I looked to my left and saw the back door of the Chinese restaurant was propped open.  Without notice, I opened the door and ran inside.  I heard both Isabelle and the woman start to scream.  They must have thought I was leaving.  I wasn’t.  I ran into the kitchen and found the biggest knife I could.  Some Chinese man yelled at me but I couldn’t understand him.  Part of me wanted to turn around and yell, “I return this in ten min-ne”… but I didn’t have time to do so.

    I ran out the back door and charged at the undead.  One stab to the chest, three more to the throat, and it was on the ground.  Then I gave it four kicks to the head and the creature was dead. 

    “What the fuck?” the woman yelled with her back still against the wall.

    “He didn’t pay his bill,” I said holding up the knife.  I smiled.  The woman didn’t.  I know, it was a shitty joke.

    “Why the fuck are you still standing here?” Isabelle yelled at the woman.  “He’s a killer!  We’ve been chasing him for months.  Took out four women two counties over.”

    “Who the fuck are you?” the woman cried out.

    “Who the fuck are you?” Isabelle screamed.  She reached into her purse and pulled out a badge, yes, a badge.  “We’re undercover.  You want to come in for questioning?”

    The woman shook her head.

    “Then get the fuck out of here!  And if you say a word to anyone, I’ll hunt you down and take you in!”

    It shouldn’t have worked, but it did.  The woman ran… ran like hell…

    “That was amazing,” I said.  “You didn’t steal that badge from a cop, did you?”

    “Nope,” Isabelle said in such a calm voice… I couldn’t believe she wasn’t bothered by the rotting undead at our feet.  “So, what’s this about?”

    “Long story,” I said.

    Isabelle took my hand… “I’ve got time.  You owe me a date.  And a new CD.”

    (And thus began a fucking love story…)


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