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Below is a bit of poetry I wrote after I met Isabelle… I hate finding this shit laying around but I figure I’d share it to help you understand the story once it’s told…

With death in my hands –
I fall into you.
I fall into the nothing that has –
become everything.
There’s a timeless moment –
it burns.
It burns to the bury the existence –
of my soul.

I remember their callous looks…
I remember their degrating stares…
I remember their everything they felt I shouldn’t be…
They screamed with their eyes…
They screamed…

Then I had you.
I became deaf to the evil of life –
I became blind to the ugly of reality –
I became stone. 



Here ya go:

Meet the band:

Gage Sloane: lead singer / guitarist
Val: rhythm guitar / back up vocals
Jack R.I.P: bass / keyboards
"Tiny" Tim Mortusfire: drums

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