hazel tears (lyrics)

hazel tears
they fill my soul
you’re hazel tears
they flood my heart

we met
the world was falling apart
we left
just the way we came
I saw
everything that I felt
what I need
could come just from one
just one


hear the bells ringing
they call your name
hear the bells ringing
bleeding inside me
when we’re touching
we we;re running from
the demons
they keep on coming


I know
just what I’ve got
you know
just what you want
I cannot explain
every question you have
but I know…


When they’re chasing us
we just have to run
when they’re chasing us
oh my love
we’ve got to run
we’ve got to run
we’ve got to run

CHORUS until the end of the song…


1 Response to “hazel tears (lyrics)”

  1. June 16, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    Love these lyrics. Your voice has a Bob Dylan sound to it. Very cool!

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