for the music (five)

“Does death welcome you?”
The demon’s voice growl like the heavy distortion on Val’s guitar when he doesn’t listen to me and turns the gain up too much. Demons always tried to talk by using rhetorical questions that had more meaning than value.
“Not tonight,” I said. “My fingers are sore. I’m working on a solo that has me doing a six fret stretch. I know, you’re thinking ‘why not just tap?’ But I can’t. I need to pick the string to give it the real sound I want it to have.”
The demon came charging at me. I’m talking full speed ahead. I have officially pissed it off. By showing no fear and actually mocking it by caring more about music than life or death, the demon was offended.
When the demon was a few feet away, I dropped down and grabbed a knife from the guitar case. I stood up and swung the knife. Lucky for me that the demon was close enough that I was able to cut it. See, these little guys are so tricky that from maybe a foot away or closer, they become real objects. Anything further, they are like a ghost. Actually, not even that. You can hit them from far away but they don’t get hurt nor die. But when they are close, they turn real. . .
The demon yelped in pain like a dog if you stepped on its tail. It hadn’t expected my quick move. Hell, I hadn’t expected my quick move. Things like that seemed to just happen for me. There was no training for what I had to do and there really wasn’t practice. It wasn’t like I could just go around throwing knives at people to perfect my aim. If that were so, then I’d be humming songs behind prison bars while the undead took over the world person by damn person.
My quick move had done more that I thought. The demon was split in half. Each half fell to the ground and bounced around like a fish out water. The scariest part of the whole thing was that each half of the demon was talking. . . talking about something different.
“Death will get all of you,” the one side said.
“To come is to exist and to exist is to die,” the other side said at the exact same time.
To hear the two voices talking like that. . . well, it inspired me.
I dropped to one knee and dug through my guitar case and luckily found a scrap piece of paper and pen. The demon was still squirming on the ground and I didn’t think I was in much danger, so I started to write what the demons two halves said. The things I do for my music. . .


3 Responses to “for the music (five)”

  1. May 5, 2010 at 8:03 am

    Without our passion, there is emptiness. This is what I took away from this reading. My thought process is a bit simpler than yours, I think. 🙂

    Has Chase arrived, yet?

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